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Don’t Wait for an Emergency - Join the Medstar Ambulance Membership Program

Ground ambulance transport can be expensive. Our Membership Program helps off-set the unexpected costs of a medical emergency by covering our members' insurance deductibles, co-pays or other unpaid balances for emergency transport by Medstar Ambulance from the scene to the hospital.

Memberships not only provide peace of mind for our members, they also help us continue to provide vital services to the community. Won't you be a part?

Plans, Definitions & Criteria

Yearly memberships are available for individuals, families and groups. Applications for membership are accepted year-round and no processing fee is required. It's important to note that memberships are non-transferable. Refer to the complete terms and conditions for other limitations.

Plan Description Fee
Individual Covers primary member only $45/yr
Family Covers primary member, spouse/partner and other members of the same household $65/yr
Group To inquire about group rates, please call (707) 462-3808  

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What to Expect If You are Transported by Medstar/Ukiah Ambulance

When Medstar Ambulance transports a member for an emergency, an invoice is sent to the member’s insurance carrier. Any balance not paid by Medicare or other private or supplemental insurance is then covered by the membership program. Patients who are not active members, on the other hand, are responsible for payment of any outstanding balances.

If you are an active member and are transported by Medstar Ambulance, please advise us when you're able by calling (707) 462-3808 and we will inform our Patient Billing Department. If you subsequently receive a bill, please let us know promptly and we will confirm your membership status.

What is Not Covered by Medstar Membership:

  • Inter-facility ambulance transports (those between one hospital or medical facility and another) are NOT covered by the membership program.
  • Out-of-county elective ambulance transports and transports of hospice patients are NOT covered by the membership program. Rates may be negotiated based on the services provided.
  • Transports by wheelchair van are NOT covered by membership.
  • Medstar Membership does NOT cover services provided by other ambulance agencies or companies. It is important to understand that Medstar Ambulance does not control how Mendocino County dispatches emergency ambulances. Even if you're a member, and even if you are able to request Medstar, another ambulance service may be dispatched depending on availability and proximity.

Read the complete Terms and Conditions of Membership here.

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Yearly Fee $45.00
Yearly Fee $65.00