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    The American Stroke Association uses the acronym F.A.S.T. to teach the sudden signs of a stroke. Early recognition and early treatment are key to improving recovery. Learn more...

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    Our paramedic internships offer students a rich educational experience in a diverse setting. Read about what it takes to join the Medstar Paramedic Internship Program.

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    Medstar is proud to sponsor Save Lives Menodcino--an initiative to teach hands-only CPR to all seventh grade school children in Mendocino County. Together, we can save lives.

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Now, more than ever, our community is in need of affordable, reliable health care. To this end, Medstar Ambulance of Mendocino County Inc was established. A new not-for-profit ambulance service, Medstar has purchased Ukiah Ambulance and has assumed its service areas. As we move forward, the new entity will do business as both Medstar Ambulance and Ukiah Ambulance.

Aside from the change in name, the areas we serve (Ukiah, Hopland, Redwood Valley/Calpella and Potter Valley) will continue to receive the excellent emergency medical care they've come to expect, with the additional benefits a not-for-profit organization can provide. Medstar Ambulance is able to offer ambulatory and ambulance services to those who cannot afford to pay. A membership program is also available to all residents, regardless of health care coverage--because when an emergency occurs, help shouldn't come at the cost of financial hardship.  

We have ambulances stationed in central and south Ukiah, as well as Redwood Valley/Calpella. Medstar Ambulance will also continue to provide backup services to the primary providers in Anderson Valley and Covelo.

Here are some highlights:

  • Membership plans start at just $45 per year
  • Group memberships are available and make a great employer-provided benefit
  • Hardship program will, upon review, allow Medstar to reduce or eliminate any cost for service

“An ambulance for the people, not for profit”